The Fly Fisherman's Gold Series

24 Volumes were listed in the original prospectus, while displaying a picture of only 18 volumes. The prospectus pictures do not agree with the as published volume numbers. Some titles pictured in the prospectus were never published. Brown leather, marbled endpapers, all edges gilt.

I The Idyl of the Split Bamboo; by George Parker Holden
II Fish & Fishing of the United States and British Provinces of North America; by Frank Forester
III A Book On Angling. Being a Complete Treatise on the Art of Angling; by Francis Francis
IV The Book Of The Fly Rod; by Hugh Sheringham
V The American Angler's Guide; by John J. Brown
VI Fishing In American Waters; by Genio Scott
VII The Fly Fisher & The Trout's Point of View; by Col. E. W. Harding
VIII Pleasures of Angling (with rod and reel for salmon & trout); by George Dawson
IX The Dry Fly & Fast Water; by George M. LaBranche
X Art of Fly Making (Comprimising Angling and Dyeing of Colours; by William Blacker
XI Salmonia: or, Days of Fly Fishing with Some Account of the Habits of Fishes Belonging to the Genus Salmo; by Sir Humphrey Davy
XII Fly-Rods and Fly-Tackle: Suggestions as to Their Manufacture and Use; by Henry Wells
XIII Speckled Brook Trout; by R. H. Russell
XIV The Complete Angler; by Izaak Walton & Charles Cotton
XV Life-History and Habits of the Salmon, Sea-Trout, Trout, and other Freshwater Fish; by P. D. Malloch
XVI  The Dry-Fly Man's Handbook; by F. M. Halford
XVII Travel & Trout in the Antipodes; by William Senior
XVIII Trout Fishing & Sport In Maoriland; by G. D. Hamilton
XIX The Fishing Tourist: Angler's Guide and Reference Book; Charles Hallock -- The Salmon and The Dry Fly; George M. La Branche
XX The American Angler's Book; by Thaddeus Norris
XXI Fly Fishing, Some New Arts And Mysteries; by James C. Mottram
XXII Trout, by Ray Bergman
XXIII Just Fishing; by Ray Bergman
XXIV With Fly Plug & Bait; by Ray Bergman

Derrydale Press Reissues

 Not mentioned in any of the Derrydale Press bibliographies are the reprinted hardcover volumes from the Derrydale Press in the late 1980's and early 1990's Stated limitation of 2500 copies each. Leather bound books with AEG. Many have an attached ribbon page marker. 


"Tales of a Big Game Guide" by Russell Annabel, 1992
"Falling Leaves" by Philip H Babcock 1990
"The Gentleman's Companion" - Vol. I: Exotic Cookery Book; Vol. 2 Exotic Drink Book by Charles H. Baker, Jr., 1992
"Veiled Horizons: Stories of Big Game Fish of the Sea" by Ralph Bandini 1993
"'Long Shore" by Joel D. Barber, 1993
"Wild Fowl Decoys" by Joel D. Barber, 1989
"In the Shadow of Mount McKinley" by William N. Beach, 1992
"Gunnerman" by Horatio Bigelow (in slipcase)1989
"Hunting Trails on Three Continents: The Book of the Boone and Crockett Club", 1992
"Ole Miss'" by Nash Buckingham, 1992
"De Shootinest Gent'man and Other Tales" by Nash Buckingham, 1992
"Mark Right" by Nash Buckingham, 1989
"Blood Lines: Tales of Shooting & Fishing" by Nash Buckingham 1989
"Gunner's Dawn" by Roland Clark, 1991
"Roland Clark's Etchings",by Roland Clark 1990
"American Big Game Fishing" by Eugene V. Connett, 1993
"Upland Game Bird Shooting in America" by Eugene V. Connett, 1993
"Fishing a Trout Stream" (in slipcase) by Eugene V. Connett, 3rd, 1989
"Stray Shots" by Roland Clark & A Decade of American Sporting Books and Prints by Eugene V. Connett, 1993
"The Derrydale Cook Book of Fish & Game" Vol. I & 2 by L.P. De Gouy, 1992
"The Warwick Woodlands" by Frank Forester, 1990
"My Shooting Box" by Frank Forester, 1990
"Colonel Weatherford's Young Entry" by Gordon Grand, 1991
"Colonel Weatherford and his Friends" by Gordon Grand, 1991
"The Silver Horn" by Gordon Grand, 1991
"Old Man" by Gordon Grand, 1991
"Young Entry" by Gordon Grand 1991
"Records of North American Big Game" by Prentiss N. Gray, 1990
"The Western Angler: An Account of Pacific Salmon and Western Trout" Vol. 1 & 2 by Roderick L. Haig-Brown, 1991
"An Artist's Game Bag" by Lynn Bogue Hunt, 1990
"A.B. Frost: The American Sportsman's Artist" by Henry W, Lanier, 1990
"Point!" by Horace Lytle, 1992
"Four Centuries of Sport in America 1490 - 1890" by Herbert Manchester,1991
"High Country" by Rutherford G. Montgomery, 1993
"Game in the Desert" by Jack O'Connor, 1993
"Colonel Hawker's Shooting Diaries", Edited with an Introduction by Eric Parker, 1990
"Atlantic Salmon" Fishing by Charles Phair, 1993
"The Pickering Collection: (Neighbors Have My Ducks, Merry Xmas Mr.Williams, Dog-Days on Trout Waters, Angling of the Test)" by H.G.Pickering, 1993
"British and American Game Birds" by H.B.C. Pollard, 1993
"Tranquility: Tales of Sport with the Gun" by Col. Harold P. Sheldon, 1991
" The One-Eyed Poacher Of Privilege" by Edmund Ware Smith 1991
"Tranquility Revisited" by Col. Harold P. Sheldon, 1989
"Tigers of the Sea" by Colonel Hugh Douglas Wise 1990



The Zane Grey Series:

 A Limited Edition of Two Thousand Five Hundred Numbered Copies  printed by Douglas C. Mauldin at The Derrydale Press in 1991. Signed by Dr. Loren Grey, son of author Zane Grey.  Ten titles, bound in leather, with raised bands on the spine, with silk ribbon bookmarkers, all edges gilt.

Tales of Fishes
Tales of Southern Rivers
Tales of Fishing Virgin Seas
Tales of the Angler's Eldorado, New Zealand
Tales of Swordfish and Tuna
Tales of Fresh Water Fising
Adventures of a Deep-Sea Angler
Tales of Tahitian Waters
An American Angler in Australia
Zane Grey's Odyssey


The Legends of the Longbow Series:

 A Limited Edition of Twelve Hundred and Fifty Numbered Copies  printed by Douglas C. Mauldin at The Derrydale Press in 1992 - 1994. Twenty-nine volumes known, Thirty-one Titles, bound in leather, with raised bands on the spine, with silk ribbon bookmarkers, all edges gilt. Signed by Glenn St. Charles

The Adventurous Bowmen Field Notes On African Archery, by Saxton Pope
American Archery, by Dr. Robert P. Elmer
The Archer's Craft, by Adrian Eliot Hodgkin
Archery by Dr. Robert P. Elmer
Archery by C J Longman & Col H Walrond
Archery: The Technical Side by C N Hickman, Forrest Nagler & Paul E Klopsteg eds
A Bibliography of Archery, by Fred Lake and Hal Wright
The Book Of Archery, by George Agar Hansard
Book Of The Long Bow, by Robert P. Elmer M.D. and Charles Allen Smart; editors
Complete Book Of The Bow and Arrow, by G. Howard Gillelan
Fred Bear's Field Notes, by Fred Bear
The Grey Goose Wing, by E. G. Heath with Glenn St. Charles
Hunting the Hard Way by Howard Hill
Hunting with the Bow and Arrow by Saxton Pope
Ishi In Two Worlds, by Theodora Kroeber
Sagittarius by Bob Swinehart
A Study of Bows and Arrows by Saxton T Pope
Target Archery: With a History of the Sport in America, by Dr. Robert P. Elmer
Toxophilus by Roger Ascham / Archery: Its Theory and Practice by Horace A Ford
Turkish Archery and the Composite Bow by Paul E Klopsteg / Modern Methods in
Archery by Natalie Reichart & Gilman Keasey
Wild Adventure, by Howard Hill Forward by Errol Flynn
Ye Sylvan Archer, (Volumes I - VII), by J. E. Davis
The Witchery of Archery, by J. Maurice Thompson


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