Premier Press

Premier Press, published a leather-bound 50-volume Sporting set titled the The Premier Collection. It was published over a 15-year period by John Culler & Sons (Camden, SC) from 1983-1997.This set was limited to 3,000 copies and was sold by subscription. All are fully leather-bound, have AEG gilt page edges, marbled end papers, smyth-sewn bindings, and contain a sewn-in silk page marker.



 Titles and authors in this 50-volume set (listed alphabetically by author):


1������ Tales of a Big Game Guide (1985) by Russell Annabel

2������ After Big Game in the Upper Yukon (1995) by Major Nevill Alexander Drummond Armstrong

3������ My Health Is Better in November (1984) by Havilah Babcock

4������ Gunnerman�s Gold (1990) by Horatio Bigelow

5������ Bass Bug Fishing & Bermuda Fishing (1992) by Joe Brooks

6������ Blood Lines (1989) by Nash Buckingham

7������ Ole Miss� (1986) by Nash Buckingham

8������ De Shootinest Gent�man (1984) by Nash Buckingham

9������ Gunner�s Dawn (1983) by Roland Clark

10���� Stray Shots & Pot Luck (1986) by Roland Clark

11���� Fishing a Trout Stream (1990) by Eugene V. Connett III

12���� Random Casts (1987) by Eugene V. Connett III

13���� American Big Game Fishing (1986) edited by Eugene V. Connett

14���� Upland Game Bird Shooting in America (1985) edited by Eugene V. Connett

15���� Wildfowling in the Mississippi Flyway (1984) edited by Eugene V. Connett

16���� Fifty Years on the Old Frontier (1997) by James H. Cook

17���� Woodcock Shooting (1987) by Edmund W. Davis

18���� The American Wild Turkey (1989) by Henry E. Davis

19���� Caribou Shooting in Newfoundland (1997) by S.T. Davis

20���� Wall Street and the Wilds (1993) by A.W. Dimock

21���� Canadian Nights (1995) by The Earl of Dunraven

22���� American Game-Bird Shooting (1995) by George Bird Grinnell

23���� On The Headwaters of Peace River (1996) by Paul Leland Haworth

24���� A Book on Duck Shooting (1992) by Van Campen Heilner

25���� Two Dianas In Alaska (1997) by Agnes Herbert

26���� To Far Western Alaska for Big Game (1994) by Theodore R. Hubback

27���� A Book of Trout Flies (1984) by Preston J. Jennings

28���� AB Frost: The American Sportsman�s Artist (1985) by Henry Wysham Lanier

29���� Camp-Fire Reminiscences: Tales of Hunting and Fishing in Canada (1996) by David Moore Lindsay

30���� The Wild Turkey and Its Hunting (1986) by Edward A. McIlhenny

31���� Alaskan Bear Trails (1997) by Harold McCracken

32���� Atlantic Salmon Fishing (1985) by Charles Phair

33���� Hunting Trips of a Ranchman (1990) by Theodore Roosevelt

34���� The Wilderness Hunter (1987) by Theodore Roosevelt

35���� An American Hunter (1991) by Archibald Rutledge

36���� Hunter�s Choice (1993) by Archibald Rutledge

37���� Plantation Game Trails (1994) by Archibald Rutledge

38���� Recent Hunting Trips in British North America (1987) by Frederick C. Selous

39���� The Wilderness of Denali (1994) by Charles Sheldon

40���� The Wilderness of the North Pacific Coast Islands (1994) by Charles Sheldon

41���� The Wilderness of the Upper Yukon (1987) by Charles Sheldon

42���� Tranquility: Tales of Sport with a Gun (1995) by Harold P. Sheldon

43���� Tranquility Revisited (1992) by Harold P. Sheldon

44���� Firelight (1985) by Burton L. Spiller

45���� Grouse Feathers (1986) by Burton L. Spiller

46���� Thoroughbred (1993) by Burton L. Spiller

47���� The Still-Hunter (1988) by Theodore S. van Dyke

48���� Up Stream & Down (1985) by Howard L. Walden II

49���� On Snow-Shoes to the Barren Grounds (1996) by Caspar Whitney

50���� Alaskan & Yukon Trophies: Won and Lost (1992) by George O. Young



John Culler & Sons


The Asian Series of Hunting Published from 1992 through 1996. 20 Volumes. Limited to 500 copies. Full Leather, 4 raised bands on spine. Gilt Lettering and Decorative Ruling and Illustrations on covers and spine. All edges gilt and with Decorative Marble endpapers. In slipcases.


Adair � A Summer in High Asia

Apponyi Count Henrik � My Big Game Hunting Diary

Burrard Major G. � Big Game Hunting in the Himalayas and Tibet

Cobbold, Ralph P.� Innermost Asia

Darrah Henry Zouch � Sport in the Highlands of Kashmir

Demidoff E.� After Wild Sheep in the Altai and Mongolia

Demidoff E. - Hunting Trips in the Caucasus

Demidoff E. - A Shooting Trip to Kamchatka

Etherton P. T. � Across the Roof of the World

Haughton � Sport and Folklore in the Himalaya

Kennion � By Mountain, Lake and Plain

Kennion - Sport and Life in the Further Himalaya

Kinloch, Alexander � Large Game Shooting

MacIntyre, Donald � Hindu Koh

Markham � Shooting in the Himalayas

Morden William J. � Across Asia�s Snows and Deserts

Niedieck, Paul � Cruises in the Bering Sea

Stone, S. J. - In and Beyond the Himalayas

Swayne Major F.R.G.S � Through the Highlands of Siberia

Whistler, Hugh � In the High Himalayas


The Classics of Salmon Fishing:

The Salmon Fly

A Book on Angling

Atlantic Salmon Fishing

The Ristigouche and Its Salmon Fishing


Jim Corbett Collection:1500 copies each

Man-Eaters of Kuamon

The Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag.

The Temple Tiger and More Man - Eaters of Kumaon

My India

Jungle Lore

Carpet Sahib: A Life of Jim Corbett


The Kenneth Anderson Series:

Nine Man-Eaters and One Rogue

Man-Eaters and Jungle Killers

The Black Panther of Sivanipalli

The Call of the Man-Eater